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Khabar se Aagay: Raza Rumi Speaks on Threats to Bilawwel by Lashkar E Jhangvi, 28 March 2014

Khaber Say Agey: Raza Rumi Speaks on the Pakistan’s role in Syria, 27th March 2014

Khabar Se Agey: Raza Rumi Talks on the Issues of Missing Persons and Pak-Bangladesh Relations, 26th March 2014

Main Aur Moulana: Raza Rumi Speaks with Tahir Ashrafi on Syria Situation & Peace Talks with TTP, 22 March 2014

Khabar Se Agay: Raza Rumi speaks about Free Trade with India – 21st March 2014

Khabar Se Agay: Raza Rumi Discusses Altaf Hussain’s call for Army – 19th March 2014

Khabar se Agay: Summary 19th March 2014
Raza Rumi reacting on the statement of Altaf Hussain said that Pakistan is a democracy and has a constitution and Altaf hussasin should not have said that army should intervene in the politics. We should avoid such statements. He said such statements are sometimes for pressure building. He said it could be reason of frustration on Karachi building, London case and Musharaf Trial case.
Raza Rumi said that the Law and order organizations claim it is the Political parties which keep criminals and militants and they patronize them and save them from Law. He said that our Law enforcing organizations should be reformed and the political parties.
Raza Rumi said that the patron of the Karachi Operation is Sindh Govt. DG Rangers is pointing towards the political hurdles in the operation.
Raza Rumi said that in USA this is a common understanding that Osama Bin Ladin was hidden intentionally by Pakistan but there is no evidence of it. In New York Times the Journalist did not disclosed her sources so we cannot be sure of their authenticity. On responding a callers question he said that ISI’s role has been exaggerated by the India and USA and we should focus the inefficiencies of our system. We should ask ourselves that why terrorists of all the world seek refuge in Pakistan

Khabar Se Agay: Raza Rumi on PM Nawaz Sharif – 15th March 2014