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Awaam: Raza Rumi on How to end Extremism in Pakistan, 11th January 2015

Raza Rumi’s Views:

Raza Rumi’s Views:

Awaam, 12th January 2015
Raza Rumi said that the extremist view on social media is same as prevailing in society and mainstream media. The only thing that makes it different is being free from scrutiny. He said that its common worldwide and Boko haram and Daesh are recruiting through social media. He further added that our mainstream media has played a negative character in adding fuel to extremism.
He said militias are challenging state in Pakistan. He said that extremism has been integrated in Pakistan’s identity and Zia spread it to fail democratic culture. He said that extremist views are spread through mosques when asking for the destruction of Jews and Hindus is a regular part of prayers. This creates conspiracy theory mindset and further creates justification for terrorism
He said changing curriculum, regulating mosques and madrassas and Media can counter extremism.

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How Pakistani Electronic Media Reacted to Attack on Raza Rumi

Senior Journalist and Anchor of Express TV program, “Khabar se Agey” Raza Rumi was attacked by unknown assailants at Raja Bazar Lahore. After this attack, renowned Anchors made this issue part of discussion in their news shows and analyzed the situation for Journalism and freedom of expression in Pakistan

Following are some selected programs:

Express TV aired a Special transmission on this horrifying incident.

Raza Rumi said he was thankful to God who saved him yesterday from that brutal attack but was very disheartened on the death of his young driver. He said it is the duty of state to safeguard lives of its people. If the Government failed to give justice to its people then no one will be safe, not even the state.

Raza Rumi said he is determined to keep striving on the path of truth.

“If we stop speaking truth today when Pakistan needs it the most then history will never forgive us.”

In Capital TV Show “Awaam,” Senior Journalists Ejaz Haider, Nasim Zehra and Iqbal Khattak, anchor ARY Waseem Badami and the anchor of the Show Shahzad Raza talked on the attack on Raza Rumi and the situation of Journalists in Pakistan.

Raza Rumi asked if there is a target list of Journalists from terrorists known to all, then what has the Government and the security organizations done to counter this threat? Journalists all over Pakistan are subject to terrorist activities and State organizations have to play their role to avoid more human loss.

Senior Journalist, anchor and analyst Nasim Zehra said she feels more respect for Raza Rumi after she saw him keep speaking his narrative just after he survived a brutal attack on him which caused death of his driver.

Renowned Anchor and Senior Journalist Najam Sethi in his program “Apas ki Baat” talked on the issue of the attack on Raza Rumi.

He said it is the state altogether which is in under attack and security organizations have incurred huge losses in this insurgency. Najam Sethi stressed that the state is under attack by terrorists and this has led to insecurity of Journalists.

Ab Tak TV show “D-Chowk” anchored by Catherine Hussain also took up the issue and senior analysts discussed about the incident.

Moeed Peerzada said it is the point of view which has been attacked, the narrative which Raza Rumi took is the reason he was attacked.

Express TV program “Siasat aur Qanoon” did an insightful show the next day of attack.

Moed Peerzada raised the question about the behaviour of Media groups after every attack on media persons. He said other media houses refuse to even name the effected media group.

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